PIAZZA D’ORO offers a selection of outspoken
blends that excite, delight and inspire. Utilising only
carefully selected origins, each with its own unique
set of flavours, aromas and characteristics, we
create an ever surprising, always invigorating and
truly outspoken taste experience. To make taste
come alive.

Sit down, stop, relax
and take in the distinct
aroma of a PIAZZA D'ORO
Espresso coffee.

Our coffee is made with
passion, each espresso blend
carefully roasted to create
unique taste profiles for
you and your customers to enjoy.

From delicate yet complex,
to rich full-bodied dark roast,
these carefully blended and
slowly roasted coffees have
been especially developed to
offer a taste variety for
everyone to enjoy.

We put great importance
on the fact that our coffee
is not only exceptional, but
also sustainable. PIAZZA D’ORO
Espresso coffee is proud to be
UTZ Certified. To find out more
please visit www.utz.org

Contact us today to
find out more about
Espresso coffee.